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Take control of how your business operates.

To make your business efficient and flexible enough to operate in today’s modern business world, BP&N offer extremely reliable, easy to use voice and data systems of the highest quality. Covering both business phones and computers, our services won’t break the bank. For your convenience, we offer flexible contracts too.

Utilising cutting edge technologies, hosted systems are ideal for all types of customers. Even if you move business premises, your phone system can move with you at no extra cost and you can keep your original phone number too. This is vital, as there are often significant costs involved with changing business phone numbers. Another advantage is that with our cloud telephone systems, the cost of phone lines, hardware maintenance and line rental costs are not incurred. All local and national calls are also free.


There is no downtime, loss of vital business calls or time lost in installation either, as we can install your new system before the old one is turned off. A new Cloud Telephone System is fully scalable too, so if your business grows, our system can grow with it.

This means that our clients achieve impressive cost savings of 20-30% on average for lines and calls.


Services range from installing new phone lines to moving existing lines and we carefully advise each client on the levels of care they can access to fix faults.

We also offer the ease and convenience of a single, clear bill and a friendly, accessible support desk to help resolve any bill queries.

At BP&N, we offer a vast range of different types of connectivity, from simple broadband to a more niche service that sacrifices download for upload speeds. High upload speeds is what really counts and for clients with higher demands, we can provide EFM Circuits and Leased Line Circuits.


Depending on your area, up to 45 types of internet connectivity are available with various service level agreements. From a wires only connection to a fully managed service that enables us to detect whether you’ve been hacked, our services are highly reliable. Also, using our portal, immediate installation and bespoke changes can be made to services in real-time.

Working with our trusted partners CSCM, we help your business become equipped with high quality ICT systems that will last, so that your investment generates the expected value. The fast paced world of IT is ever changing and as businesses, we need to change with it.


From migrating emails to a centralised data centre to removing all servers from your office, so you can work anywhere and anytime; our solutions help you determine and control exactly how your business should be operating.


All of our telephone systems are hosted in the cloud, which means that they rely on an Internet connection. This leads to many business benefits.

As we are a BT wholesale partner, we offer economies of scale.

Specialising in high speed data connectivity, the modern office today is completely reliant on the Internet. The better your connection, the smoother your business will run.

If you need a new phone system, the chances are that you may require ICT services too that meet your bespoke requirements.

No downtime or loss of business calls

Competitive pricing

High speed connectivity

High quality systems using only approved vendors

Extremely cost efficient

Flexible contracts

Immediate installation and bespoke changes

Bespoke solutions

Fully scalable

Tailored services for fault fixing

Fully managed service available to detect hacking

Reliable systems that last

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